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Investeq Capital Limited was founded in 2002 as TradeCo Capital and was predominantly engaged in business of arranging trade and asset finance for Small & Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs). In 2004 TradeCo Capital evolved into a public company with an institutional framework to position it for growth and expansion.

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The spark that will fire up SMEs in Kenya

Whenever I read stories of Kenyan entrepreneurs running small and medium enterprises (SMEs), I am always keen to find out how they dealt with the issue of financing. The narratives are almost always similar. A person had an exciting business idea but access to capital was a big challenge. However, despite this challenge these brave men and women go ahead and set up businesses using their savings or loans from friends and relatives. Some businesses have worked while many others have failed. But in the entrepreneurship, the more you fail the more likely that you will succeed.

As Kenya celebrates 50 years of independence, we must not ignore the contribution of SMEs to the economy. According to recent empirical studies in middle-income countries like Kenya, on average SMEs contribute over 95 percent of total employment and about 70 percent of GDP. This is therefore an opportune time to talk about SME financing and how we are going to support this important sector going forward.

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Why invest in Rwanda?

2nd most reformed economy in the World 2006-2012

3rd easiest place to do business in Africa
World Bank Doing Business Report, 2013

3rd most competitive African country to do business
World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report

Least corrupt country in East Africa
Transparency Corruption Perception Index (2013 Report)

One Stop Concept:
- The Rwanda Development Board's One Stop Center enables company registration in just 6 hours

Simplified licensing and permitting procedure:
- There is free online registration and access to all major doing business procedures

Sustained high economic growth:
- An average 8% GDP year on year growth since 2004, currency appreciation, highest GDP growth among major African economies

Robust Governance:
- Political stability, well functioning institutions, rule of law and zero tolerance to corruption

Access to regional markets:
- 150 million people in the East African Community, 300 million people in COMESA

Currency appreciation:
- Low inflation rate consistently remaining below 5%

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